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31 Januari 2019 - Marieke Schoutsen

Welcome to EarlyDoc's blog! Here we will update you on EarlyDoc's progress.

What is EarlyDoc?

EarlyDoc is your doctor’s brain online. It is a system that allows you to get the advice your family doctor would give you in a matter of minutes. Our mission is to make reliable medical advice accessible to you, instantly.

Who is 'we'?

We are Marieke Schoutsen (CEO) and Travis Dunn (CTO); a small, but very motivated team, always looking to add new members that are equally passionate about our product. Marieke finished her master Medical Informatics at the University of Amsterdam, focusing primarily on medical decision support. She also runs startup office Boven de balie in the center of amsterdam. Travis, coder extraordinaire autodidact, joined EarlyDoc a few months ago as lead developer and soon to be CTO. For years he worked at Avocare, making himself familiar with important concepts in medical IT, and after that hacking away at well know internet startups in Amsterdam.

We have received seed funding from Vidoze and angel investor Emile Knops. We work together with renowned academic institutions and physicians to validate every piece of information we give you. Our advisory board, consisting of a general practitioner, a board member of the AMC and an internet entrepreneur guide us in delivering the best personal medical information you will find online.

Our blog

Through our blog we will keep you updated on our progress, our development choices and other musings. Expect posts on new features, healthcare in general, decision support, Ruby, Javascript, MongoDB, usability, design and all other things that make our hearts go faster.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page and tell us what you think through comments, or email!

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