Smart User Registration

26 Juli 2019 - Travis Dunn

Just like every other service company, EarlyDoc wants user registrations! When you create an EarlyDoc account, you unlock features possible only with a verified identity, and receive more accurate advice by tracking your health over time.

But more than anything, EarlyDoc tells you whether you need a doctor's advice *right now*, and registration can get in the way of that; the last thing you want to do when you're sick with the flu is sign up for another web service. That is why we go out of our way to allow anonymous visitors to check their symptoms and utilize as much of the EarlyDoc system as possible.

If, however, after you've checked your symptoms you want to register and get started on more advanced personal healthcare, EarlyDoc attempts to associate your past anonymous check results with your newly created account so that you will lose little, if any, historic health data. We do this simply by using an expiring session cookie, which means we don't track anonymous visitors across devices or over long periods of time.

This technique is called lazy registration, and puts the user experience at the center our design. But it is also just another reflection of EarlyDoc's larger mission to remove barriers to accurate health advice. So sign up now, or sign up later, either way there's nothing to lose and better health to gain.

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