Check your symptoms. Know what to do.

Earlydoc explains everything about your medical complaints in a matter of minutes; whether they are serious and what you can do yourself. Earlydoc is checked by doctors and therefore reliable and safe.


You will quickly know whether your complaints are serious, whether you need to see a doctor, and if not, how long exactly you can wait.


A list of what you have to watch out for and everything you can do yourself to feel better.


All of your complaints are described and you know what to ask your doctor.

Why Earlydoc?

Our goal is to inform you about your medical complaints in a good way. Medical information online is often of poor quality and uncontrolled. Earlydoc offers a place where everyone with a medical complaint gets exactly the right explanation: clear advice, just for you, that really helps.

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Earlydoc is personal

Earlydoc gives you information that is only applicable to you. Everyone is different; you can be young, old, a man, a woman, healthy or sick. That means that you should get a different answer to your medical question than someone else. This is what Earlydoc does.

Earlydoc is understandable

No medical jargon. No scary diagnoses that you could never diagnose online. Just understandable answers to the question you really have: is it serious? Can it wait until after the weekend? What do I need to watch out for? What can I do myself?

Earlydoc is safe

Earlydoc is based on guidelines that are used by doctors and doctors’ assistants. In addition, all of Earlydoc’s content is carefully tested and then reviewed by doctors.

How is Earlydoc made?


Doctors use guidelines. Guidelines are lists of recommendations that your doctor uses as support when determining if your complaints are serious. Our team studies these guidelines and combines them with other sources of information, like scientific research, medical databases and input of doctors themselves.


On basis of this our team makes a so called ‘algorithm’: a smart piece of computer code that determines which questions you need to answer when you do the complaint check. The algorithm also determines what your answers mean and what result you get.


Testing the content and the algorithm of Earlydoc happens in different ways. Technical tests examine if the logic of our system is correct. After that (family) doctors thoroughly review the results of the complaint check. Finally, users of Earlydoc test if they understand everything and tell us what we can improve.

Do you have any questions?

Take a look at our user policy, read about the team, read our blog, or contact us!