Earlydoc Security Policy

As a healthcare services platform Earlydoc approaches security with the utmost priority and respect. Our products and company infrastructure are developed from a security-first mindset. Our team follows industry best-practicestakes in developping our applications. Furthermore our applications undergo regular audit, we have response plans and disaster scenarios in place for a variety of breaches.

If you believe that you have or may have found a security vulnerability please immediately send an email to info@earlydoc.com with as much information as possible about the nature of the issue, how it could be exploited, and any other details which could help us understand and address the threat.

Contributions of security researchers are greatly appreciated. If you provide us with demonstrable information we’re happy to either keep your name private or else publicly thank you here on our security page, at your request.

In the event that our investigations determine that data was compromised through a security vulnerability, Earlydoc complies with the provisions in the HITECH Act for notification of affected organizations and individuals.