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Last update: February 9, 2022

This page contains information about Earlydoc’s Privacy policy. The Terms of Use and Disclaimer and this Privacy policy apply to the use of Earlydoc. Also read about your Safety when using Earlydoc.

1. Some thoughts, in plain English, about the privacy of Earlydoc:

Note: this section is not an official part of the privacy policy.

  • The Earlydoc website can be used anonymously or as a registered user
  • Earlydoc doesn’t share personal information that can lead back to individual users
  • Earlydoc can share anonymous information with third parties
  • Earlydoc stores information about your behavior on the site, what you click, how you search etc.
  • Earlydoc uses cookies, which are stored on your computer
  • You yourself are responsible for careful use of your username and password
  • This privacy policy doesn’t apply to third party-sites

2. Your personal information

You can use Earlydoc anonymously, but you can also create an account with a corresponding username and password. In both cases Earlydoc stores your information. With anonymous use for example your click behavior and IP address is stored. With the creation of an account your personal information is registered. The anonymous and account data are together called ‘Data’.

3. Personal data in an Earlydoc-account

When you create an account with Earlydoc, your personal data is stored, specifically:

  • Name, gender, age, e-mail address
  • Health data
  • Information about your sex life (if relevant, for instance with questions concerning risks for contracting an STD)

Earlydoc saves your answers to questions in the symptom checks and also the result the system gives you. This health information, possible information about your sex life and your personal data is used for your comfort, so you don’t have to answer certain questions you’ve answered before and you can view checks you’ve run through before.

This health information can further be used in the development of Earlydoc. In the use of health information in the development of Earlydoc, just like the sharing of health information with third parties, the information is always anonymous (meaning it can’t be traced back to individual users).

4. Use and distribution of Data

The Data is stored by Earlydoc on protected servers. Earlydoc uses the Data to provide her own services, for her administration and to communicate with you about services you’ve used. Earlydoc will not pass not-anonymous personal information to third parties. Now and in the future Earlydoc retains the right to share anonymous Data with third parties. In this privacy policy you can always find which parties the Data are shared with.Currently no Data are shared with third parties.

5. Click behavior and visit data

On Earlydoc’s website general visit data are tracked. This means that the IP address of your computer is stored, along with your search and clicking behavior. These data are used for statistical analysis of visit and clicking behavior on the website. Earlydoc tries to anonymize these data as much as possible.

6. Username and password

To log into your account you will receive a username and a password. You yourself are responsible for careful use of the password. Earlydoc assumes that a person that logs in with your username and password is authorized to use the username. When you suspect that your password is in the hands of unauthorized users, you need to alert Earlydoc as soon as possible, so that Earlydoc can take action.

7. Third party websites

This privacy policy doesn’t apply to third party websites that are linked to this site. Earlydoc advises you to read this websites’ privacy policy before using the site.

8. Alter the Privacy policy

Earlydoc retains the right to alter this policy, with or without notification. It is recommended you consult this policy regularly, to be aware of the latest alterations.

9. Earlydoc Info

Earlydoc is provided by Guidecase B.V., located at Nieuwevaart 109, 5161AP Sprang-Capelle. You can contact us via Email: