Working at Earlydoc

Last update: December 12, 2021

Working at Earlydoc means being a part of an innovative web startup in the heart of Amsterdam. It means learning a lot and getting the chance to develop yourself. It means building on, and thinking about, all aspects of an intelligent system that no one has made until now. A system that has the goal to change healthcare and support patients and doctors in making the right choice about medical complaints, treatment and health.

What you can expect from us

  • In the future possible company options, on basis of milestones.
  • You will join a young, creative and motivated team, in which you will play a big part.

Current job openings

At the moment we are mainly looking for developers (front-and backend). The job openings are described in detail on this page. If you don’t exactly fit the profile, but you are convinced that you belong in Earlydoc’s team, then send an email to Emile Knops. Let us know why you want to work with us, what you’re good at and what you would like to learn during your time at Earlydoc.

Opening: Medical content developer

In this position you generate, coordinate and update the reasoning and the content of Earlydoc. This means: you are responsible for the biggest part of all the medical advice we give to our users. Checking and validation of this information by doctors is very important. You will manage all contact with doctors, run pilots with GP practices and real patients and you are constantly involved in new medical developments, and the consistency and quality of our content. Finally, you regularly think along with the strategy of the company.


  • You analyze medical guidelines and literature and convert them into understandable questions and advice for users.
  • Where guidelines fall short you will fill in the gaps by talking to doctors.
  • You help GPs run a pilot in their practice.
  • You oversee the entire site and talk about structure and cohesiveness with the team on a daily basis.
  • You always have the profile of our user in the back of your head and you try to live up to his expectations: placing and arrangement of all information, usability, language and tone, translations (manage contact with translators), etc.
  • You write texts about complaints, diagnoses, self-care, etc. and always think about SEO when doing this.
  • You monitor social media channels and together with us, provide adequate response.
  • You think about the course of the company and you have an advising role when it comes to technical development of Earlydoc.

What we expect from you

You have a lot of medical knowledge: you don’t have to be a doctor, but preference goes out to someone that has a degree in Medical Informatics, Biomedical sciences, or something similar. You are good at writing and your Dutch and English are both perfect. You are creative, you are interested in webdevelopment and you understand what it means to work at a startup.

  • You are motivated and work hard to develop and improve Earlydoc.
  • You pay attention to detail and you are capable of working in a team. This also means you are easy-going and you are enthusiastic about your work.
  • You have knowledge of and experience with medical guidelines, medical literature and healthcare in general.
  • You preferably have knowledge of (X)HTML, Javascript/Jquery and CSS.
  • You are able to think along with us on a conceptual level.
  • You like to be involved in what you are writing and making and do not expect written out assignments.
  • You like an informal (yet professional) atmosphere.

Want know more?

Are you interested in this job opening? Send an email to Emile Knops.

What we would like to know

  • What your motivation is to start working at Earlydoc in this position. Also be honest about what you are and aren’t good at.
  • Why you want to specifically work at Earlydoc.
  • Your linkedin profile and/or Twitter handle