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What is back pain caused by chronic strain?

With back pain caused by chronic strain, the chronic strain is often caused by bad posture when you’re working or because of repetitive motions that cause strain in your back. Very often there is no definitive cause to be found for the pain. In most cases muscular pain and joint pain caused by chronic strain isn’t serious, but it can last for a long time and often the cause can’t be found.

What are symptoms of back pain caused by chronic strain?

  • Sore muscles
  • Nagging pain in the (lower) back
  • Pain when moving
  • Trouble maintaining static physical positions
  • Long lasting pain (weeks to years)

Is back pain caused by chronic strain serious and should I see a doctor?

Back pain caused by chronic strain usually isn’t serious, but can be a really bothersome. Complaints of the back are the most frequent medical complaints in the general population. Even though the exact cause is hard to pinpoint, it usually isn’t serious, but know when to contact a doctor.

Contact a doctor:

  • When it hurts to urinate
  • When there’s radiating pain
  • When there’s severe pain

Contact a doctor immediately:

  • When there’s severe, tearing backpain
  • When the pain increases suddenly
  • When there’s loss of strength in arms or legs
  • When there’s a numb feeling around the genitalia and buttocks
  • When you have trouble urinating

Remedies for back pain caused by chronic strain

  • A good posture, sitting and standing
  • Don’t sit or stand in the same static position for to long, take breakes
  • Don’t put to much strain on your back
  • Keep moving gently, don’t sit still
  • Hot compresses or hot showers
  • You could use a Tylenol for your pain. Always always read the patient package insert first!

How does back pain caused by chronic strain affect my body?

Back pain caused by chronic strain is caused by having an unhealthy amount of strain on the muscles in the back for a long period of time. It is very important to have a good posture when sitting and standing, at home and at work, but it is equally important not to stay in a static position for to long at a time and walk around, once in a while.

When you don’t move at all, and stay in a static position, your muscles will go stiff and it will take longer to be able to use them normally again.

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