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What is common acute back pain?

Common acute back pain is caused by intense strain on the muscles caused by sudden tension on muscles, tendons or joints, like in a traffic accident or in a quick reflex. Usually acute muscular and joint pain isn’t serious and goes away on its own, in some cases pain can last for a long time and the cause isn’t clear.

What are symptoms of common acute back pain?

  • Sore muscles
  • Severe backpain
  • Pain when moving
  • Trouble holding static positions for a long time

Is common acute back pain serious and should I see a doctor?

Common acute back pain usually isn’t serious, but can be quite severe. Everyone knows what it’s like the day after you moved a heavy object without paying attention to proper technique. Usually the symptoms go away on their own, in some cases it’s important to contact a doctor.

Contact a doctor:

  • When it hurts to urinate
  • When there’s radiating pain to legs or arms
  • When there’s severe pain

Contact a doctor immediately

  • When there’s a severe, tearing backpain
  • When your symptoms suddenly get much worse
  • When there’s loss of strength in your arms or legs
  • When you have a numb feeling around your genitalia and buttocks
  • When you have trouble urinating
  • When you have a fever

Remedies for common acute back pain

  • Don’t put too much strain on the sore muscles
  • Keep moving, don’t sit still all day
  • Hot compress or a hot shower
  • You could take a Tylenol for the pain. Always read the patient package insert first!
  • To prevent acute muscular and joint pain
    • Maintain a good posture standing and sitting
    • Don’t stay in a static position for to long, take breaks
    • Don’t lift heavy objects with either just the back or just the legs

How does common acute back pain affect my body?

Common acute back pain is caused by damage to muscles, tendons and joints. The reason this hurts is so that the body gets a chance to repair itself. So it’s good to take it easy on the muscles for a while but, it’s also important not to completely stop using those muscles. When you sit still all day your muscles will go stiff and it will take a lot longer before you can use them normally again.

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