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What is Lichen Sclerosus?

With Lichen Sclerosus you have very thin, brittle white skin, and sometimes white bumps or pimples. It is common in women after menopause, but can also affect men, young women and sometimes children. Lichen Sclerosus is not an STD and isn’t contagious.

What are symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus?

  • Often complaints of the skin of the genitalia and around the genitalia
  • Itching
  • Tight, burning feeling
  • White spots around the genitalia and/or anus
  • Pain during defecation
  • Pain during sex
  • Is most common in women after menopause
  • Is also found with men, young women and children

Is Lichen Sclerosus serious and should I see a doctor?

Lichen Sclerosus can be very tenacious, but is usually not serious. A doctor can assess the symptoms and if necessary prescribe treatment. The complaints of Lichen Sclerosus in children often go away during puberty. In adults the condition is often more tenacious.

Contact a doctor:

  • To assess the complaints
  • When you have been diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus:
    • New discolorations on the skin
    • Swelling or warts
    • Small not healing wounds
    • Continuous pain
    • Bumps or a swelling in the groin

What can I do about Lichen Sclerosus myself?

  • Try not to scratch or chafe, the skin is very vulnerable
  • Make sure you wear soft clothes and soft underwear, that doesn’t chafe
  • Try to use as little soap as possible when you was the skin
  • When sex is painful, using lubrication could help

How does Lichen Sclerosus affect my body?

The cause of Lichen Sclerosus is yet to be found.

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