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What is trichomonas?

Trichomonas a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a parasite. Often people don’t have any symptoms when they’re infected, but it can cause bothersome symptoms. Trichomonas can be treated very well with antibiotics.

What are the symptoms of trichomonas?

  • With women:
    • Usually women have symptoms
    • Unpleasant smelling discharge
    • Green/yellowish discharge
    • Sometimes foamy discharge
    • Red and irritated labia and inner walls of the vagina
    • Pain when urinating
    • Itching of the vagina
  • With men:
    • Usually there aren’t any symptoms
    • Sometimes there is an infection of the urethra
    • Burning sensation when urinating
    • Sometimes some discharge from the penis
    • The head of the penis can be red and irritated around the urethra

Is trichomonas serious and should I see a doctor?

Trichomonas is very treatable by a doctor. It is important to get treatment early on. When the infection stays untreated complications can occur.

Contact your doctor:

  • When you experience symptoms
  • When you have been alerted to a possible infection by a (former) bedpartner
  • When you’ve had unprotected sex

What can I do about trichomonas myself?

  • With vaginal, oral (with the mouth) and anal (with the anus) sexual contact you can all catch an STD!
  • Condoms are the only protection against STD’s
  • Contraceptives (the pill, IUD’s, etc.) don’t protect against STD’s
  • When you’re in a relationship and want to start having unprotected sex, always either discuss this with your doctor or get tested for STD’s
  • When you’ve had unprotected sexual contact either discuss this with your doctor or get tested for STD’s
  • Safe sex has nothing to do with trust, don’t let yourself get pressured into unsafe sex

What does trichomonas do with my body?

Trichomonas a very small parasite which can infect the genitals. It can nest in the urethra and vagina and cause complaints of pain during urination and changed discharge. Infection with Trichomonas almost never has any serious consequences, at most it increases the chances of transmission of HIV through sexual contact with someone who is HIV-positive.

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