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What is vaginismus?

With vaginismus the pain is caused by the pelvic muscles being overly tense. Because the muscles are constantly strained, it is painful to insert anything into the vagina. This could be during sex, but eventually also inserting a tampon can be painful.

What are symptoms of vaginisme?

  • Pain during sex
  • Penetration of the vagina is very painful or impossible

Is vaginismus serious and should I see a doctor?

Vaginismuss can be quite bothersome, but generally isn’t dangerous. It can be hard to get rid of vaginismus complaints on your own, a doctor can help you or refer you to get treatment to aleviate the complaints.

Contact a doctor:

  • To assess the complaints
  • For help with aleviating the complaints
  • When the pain persists inspite of treatment
  • When there is regular bleeding during or right after sex

What can I do about vaginismus myself?

  • Create a safe atmosphere during sex
  • Talk about the pain and don’t be ashamed of the problem
  • Self-treatment consists of gradually inserting something small, like your little finger or even something smaller into the vagina (it’s important this doesn’t hurt)
  • If this is succesful, you can try gradually using larger objects
  • The general practitioner can help you or refer you to someone who can help you get rid of your complaints

What does vaginismus do with my body?

The complaints with vaginismus are caused by the muscles around the vagina contracting too tightly. It is an overly active defense mechanism against ‘unwanted’penetration. The complaints can spring from fear, negative memories or problems in the relationship, but this doesn’t have to be the cause. Vaginismus can also have a physical cause. You can discuss the appropriate course of treatment with a doctor.

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