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In a few minutes the symptom check will give you personal and reliable information about your fever symptoms. You will know:

  • 1 How serious your fever symptoms are..
  • 2 If you need to see a doctor & what you have to watch out for.
  • 3 What you can do to get rid of your fever complaint.
  • 4 What the doctor would think of first.

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Do I have fever?

General information about fever

When you have a fever your body temperature is higher than it usually is, which is about 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Fever is usually a sign that your body is fighting of a disease. Even though that’s a good thing, having a fever can be really annoying. Fever can be a symptom of several different things like laryngitis, the flu or a simple viral infection. Read more about fever below or do the symptom check and get personal information about your fever complaints

Other symptoms with fever

Other symptoms that you experience together with a fever are:

– Nausea
– Vomiting
– Fatigue
– Sore muscles
– Coughing
– Sore throat

Causes of fever

Fever can be caused by caused by several different things, the most commonly known cause being the flu. But even more often than the flu, fever is caused by viral infection, caused by other viruses, or by a simple common cold, acute bronchitis or laryngitis. With teenagers and young adults there’s a possibility it could be mono.

Knowing what to do when you have a fever

It is important to know what you can do yourself to get rid of fever and when it is important to contact a doctor. So do the symptom check; you answer questions about your symptoms, like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sore muscles, coughing, sore throat et cetera, and you will get a personal result within a few minutes, explaining everything about your complaints!

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or read more about:
Common cold
The Flu
Viral infection
Sore throat

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Answer all the questions as best as possible. It is possible to change your answers at the end of the check.

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How sick do you feel?

Click on a number between 0 (not sick or no pain) and 10 (Extremely sick or extreme pain) that describes how you feel.

How worried are you?

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How long have you had a fever?

Do you have a fever?

Measure your temperature and indicate how high your fever is.

Do you have a very obvious bright red skin rash

Look at the picture: do you have very clear red dots or spots on your body: for example under your armpits, your chest, your neck, your groin?

Do you feel awake and alert?

For example does it feel like you're thinking slower or it takes longer to come up with words?

Did being sick start with cold chills?

Are you using any serious medication or do you have a condition that affects your immune system?

Medication such as chemotherapy and prednisone can have a large effect on your immune system. Your immune system can also be affected by conditions, such as AIDS.

Are you experiencing shortness of breath?

Have you been outside the USA or Europe, to the (sub)tropics in the past 4 weeks?

Can you still go to the bathroom, prepare food, use the phone and open the door by yourself?

Do you have a cough or are you sniveling?

Do you have a severe headache, along with your fever?

Does it hurt when you urinate?

Are you drinking enough water?

Do you have a sore throat?