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What happens with a forgotten tampon?

When you forget to remove a tampon or another object from your vagina, this can lead to simple complaints which can lead to serious symptoms. When a tampon or another object isn’t removed, it allows for bacteria to attach to it and multiply. In the beginning this causes very unpleasant smelling discharge, later it can cause much more serious symptoms.

What are symptoms of a forgotten tampon?

  • Unpleasant smelling discharge
  • Yellow or brown-greyish discharge
  • After some time it can cause vague pain in the lower abdomen
  • Ultimately it can cause an infection of the blood, causing fever and more serious symptoms

Is a forgotten tampon serious and should I see a doctor?

A forgotten tampon or for example a forgotten pleasure-device, isn’t serious as long as its removed in time. When a foreign object remains in the vagina too long, it can cause an infection of the blood. That is why it’s very important to remove the object as soon as possible.

Contact your doctor:

  • When you have trouble removing the object yourself

What can I do about the forgotten tampon myself?

  • Remove the tampon or the object from your vagina if you can reach it
  • A tampon will have become a brown-grey wad

How does a forgotten tampon affect my body?

Bacteria can easily attach to the object (i.e. tampon, pleasure-device etc.) and multiply. Due to the bacteria the discharge gets an unpleasant smell and could start to look like pus (yellow or brown-grey). All this can be resolved by removing the object from the vagina. When a tampon or other object remains in the vagina for a long period of time it can cause an infection of the blood, which can be very dangerous.

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