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In a few minutes the symptom check will give you personal and reliable information about your headache symptoms. You will know:

  • 1 How serious your headache symptoms are..
  • 2 If you need to see a doctor & what you have to watch out for.
  • 3 What you can do to get rid of your headache complaint.
  • 4 What the doctor would think of first.

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General information about headache

Headaches can be very bothersome and everyone has them once in a while. Headaches can be caused by a wide range of thing such as tense muscles, stress or a virus. Read more about headache below or do the symptom check and get personal information about your headache complaints. Imporant: if you have two types of headaches at the same time, only fill out the symptoms for the most severe headache.

Other symptoms with headache

Other symptoms that you experience together with a headache are:

– Nausea
– Hypersensitivity to light and sound
– Fatigue
– Sore neck and shoulders
– Coughing
– Runny nose

Causes of headache

Headache can be caused by caused by several different things and it’s not always easy to find the cause of a headache. In quite a lot of people it’s a common headache. Often it’s caused by having a common cold or it’s a tension headache, caused by a lot of stress or tension. Some people have headaches more often, they could have migraine.

Knowing what to do when you have a headache

It is important to know what you can do yourself to get rid of headache and when it is important to contact a doctor. So do the symptom check; you answer questions about your symptoms, like nausea, hypersensitivity to light and sound, stress and tension et cetera, and you will get a personal result within a few minutes, explaining everything about your complaints!

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or read more about:
Tension headache
Common headache
Viral infection

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Answer all the questions as best as possible. It is possible to change your answers at the end of the check.

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How worried are you?

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How long have you had a headache?

How quickly did the headache start?

Do you recognize this headache?

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Did you recently hurt your head?

Did you for example fall on our head or bumped your head?

How long ago did you hurt your head?

Are you pregnant?

How long have you been pregnant?

Have you been vomiting?

Are you nauseous and vomiting?

Are you having trouble bending your neck?

When did the vomiting start and how often are you vomiting?

Do you have a fever?

Measure your temperature and indicate how high your fever is.

Do you have red or purple spots/flecks on your body?

Look at the picture: Do you have red or purple spots on your body that don't disappear when you press on them?

Have you ever been diagnosed with migraines?

Are you having a migraine attack now and have you taken the prescribed medication?